Saturday, January 1, 2011

Leaving Paris

So our Paris leg has come to an end. This morning we got up later and packed bags and so on. Then we went to Sacre Coeur. This is a beautiful basilica on Mont
Matre overlooking Paris. There are a lot of stairs to climb even from the subway station and unfortunately it was very foggy so we didn't climb the dome as there was no view at all. I am sure we went here in 1978 and I am pretty sure I came again in 1989 but I don't remember the mosaics. They are amazing. I really enjoyed the inside of the church.
After this we had lunch then one last visit with Jean-Louis and Marie-France to say goodbye. Then we met Nicolas Betbeder and his sister Anne-flore and her husband Orleans for coffee. It was nice to catch up. We had met Nicolas in Sydney and he and Anne-Flore are the children of Jean-louis cousin Marc Betbeder. Guy, Sam and Pam attended Anne-Flore's wedding a couple of years ago.
Now we are at the train station waiting for our train to Venice. It will take about 12 or 13 hours and we will arrive around 9:15 tomorrow morning. It should be an experience.
Paris has been great. We have done a lot, but we have also had some down time with Family and we have stayed in the same hotel for 6 nights which has been nice.
I will write to you again from Italy!

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Location:A train station in Paris

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Sammi said...

Hope the train trip goes well!!
Sounds like it's been jam packed full in Paris - can't wait to see LOTS of photos!