Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Shopping in LA

Today we started very early catching a 7:20 flight to LA via St Louis. The flight was uneventful after we all got seats (for some reason all the guys got allocated seats but I didn't and would have to wait to see if one became available.) not only did I end up getting a seat but she also managed to move us all together and on the row with mega leg room.
In LA we picked up our car and drove to our motel which is at Disneyland basically. We then went mall shopping. I bought lots of clothes as did Ryan. Marc and Luc got some too. Quite a family experience. We even had to go back to collect some free pokemon available through a store wireless point. Very happy boys.
We had dinner at a pancake place. Marc noted we were on a downward spiral on the food sophistication front. We are all pretty tired since it feels like 11pm now. Heading across the road to Disney land tomorrow.

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