Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 2 in Washington

Today we started by walking past The white house and all the way to the Lincoln memorial. It was a lovely day for walking, clear and crisp and it was quite a long walk. We passed the wall of Vietnam casualties and the korean memorial as well as a lovely frozen lake and the reflection pool. The ground was covered in snow enough for the boys to really enjoy themselves. We walked all the way back to the air and space museum.
This was interesting. I found the space side a lot more interesting than the air Side but they certainly have lots of Aircraft. Most of what they have are actual aircraft, not models. We spent the whole afternoon there, coming home at dusk on very weary feet. According to marc's pedometer we walked over 16000 steps, but we also stood around looking at things so it was a full day. We are heading out to dinner now, about a 10 min walk away. I think we can all make it.

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