Saturday, January 15, 2011

Washington day 1

We spent 21 hours from when we woke up in Barcelona until the boys got to put their heads on pillows so it was a long travel day but today was a lovely clear winters morning. New York was covered in snow and quite pretty. The plane approaches over Canada and northern USA were stunning. DC has obviously had snow recently and there is plenty around for the boys to have fun throwing it at each other but not enough for a proper snow man. They have really enjoyed just finding large patches of snow just wherever, although Ryan learnt about icy ground the hard fast way. It was ryan so he slid back up as fast as he slid down.
Luc worked in Reston this morning so the kids and I went for an explore after breakfast. We walked to the mall where all e smithonians are. We went to the castle which opened at 8:30. We spoke to a lovely lady who gave us a quick overview of all the museums and we bought a guide with floor plans of all of them. We also found out that they didn't open until 10 so we had some time to kill. She suggested we go to the printing and engraving building. We did that. It was very interesting. We saw $20 notes being begun and $1 notes being finished. It was a free tour and very well run. Then because we were there we decided to go up the Washington monument which was very easy and it was lovely. Didn't have Guy's camera with me unfortunately but we enjoyed it.
Then we went to the museum of natural history and spent the rest of the day there. It was fascinating. Luc met us there. The boys were engaged the whole day. We didn't leave until 5pm. We came home exhausted and put our feet up (while doing the washing) and then went to a very nice something like hogs breath cafe restaurant. We all went to bed quite early and are now ready to face another day, this time of sky and space and looking at some more monuments. Another lovely day with a Warm 7 degrees forecast.

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