Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rome to Nice

Yesterday we were too tired to blog so it is morning on nice now. We packed up from the very nice convent who let us check out at 1:00 as it was Sunday, so who would come in anyway! Then we walked to the big victory monument that everyone in Rome calls the wedding cake which unfortunately was crawling with sword bearing security and we weren't allowed to climb. So we kept walking to ponte Fabricio which was first built in 62BC to cross the Tiber to the little island in the middle.
Then we continued walking into central Rome just to explore. When it was time for lunch we went back to our neighborhood to eat at a really lovely cafe where Luc and I had gone for pre- dinners the night before. The idea last night was pay 10 euros for a drink and a refillable plate of anti- pasta which were varied and scrumptious. We thought we would like them for lunch too.
After that we went to the airport where we spent 3 times as long pm the ground in queues but anyway we arrived on a beautiful warm night in Nice and went for a long walk stopping for a lovely seafood dinner. This morning it is really raining so we might drive rather than explore on foot too much.


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