Thursday, January 6, 2011


Today we started early as the Uffizzi opened at 8:15 and we didn't have tickets. Breakfast is part of our hotel package but it started at 7:30 so we were there with the rest of the hotel as early as possible. When we got to the Uffizzi there was a small queue but not too bad some didn't have tom wait too long. It is full of masterpieces collected by the Medici family and was quite impressive. The boys have a new favorite saint - Sebastian Who miraculously survived execution by arrows and so is always depicted with lots of arrows sticking through him.
After the Uffizzi we went to the Duomo. Outside is magnificent, inside is huge but not as amazing as some other churches we have been to, but the view from the top of the dome is incredible. It was well worth the 460 odd stairs we had to climb to get there. The trip down was dangerous. For quite a bit of the dome you have to share the narrow staircase with those climbing and they are not in the mood to let you past!
We then meandered through the streets and picked up some lunch and the obligatory gelato. Then Marc opted to stay at the hotel while the three of us went and explored the other side of the anno looking for very old walls and forts and some beautiful gardens that probably would look better in another season. It was a lovely walk. Now we have found a laundromat and are having a quiet early evening before we go out for dinner. Tomorrow we will go and see Michael Angelo's David along with some other art before heading to Rome.
Florence is a lovely little town full of open squares and interesting statues, including a large replica of David, just there in the open for all to see. The buses are tiny ?electric buses that can navigate the narrow streets which belong to pedestrians first, then bikes and then cars and buses.

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