Sunday, January 23, 2011

The end of the trip

We are sitting waiting for our flight home. It is hard to believe that this amazing trip is over. Today we packed everything up and then went back to Disney and Adventure lands. It was a nice day, the weather was amazing again and although there were more people around, there were also more rides operating so we didn't have to wait long for anything. We went back and did all the things we liked from Wednesday but we also went to see a musical show based on Aladdin and we went to a drawing class and all learnt to draw Minnie mouse. It was lots of fun. We did have to queue for the last ride we went on, for longer than anything else on our whole trip except for saint chapelle.
We enjoyed the day and then returned to the hotel, checked out and then faced the right side of the road and LA spaghetti exits and peak hour traffic to return the rental car and say goodbye to luc for a couple of weeks, who flew out to San Francisco, and find our gate. We are all sitting together and are hoping to sleep much of the night.

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Friday, January 21, 2011


Last night we went back to Disney to see a light and animation show called World of Colour. It was very Impressive although crowded.
Today we went to legoland. We had a really lovely day. There were far fewer people than disney seeing as it is 90mins south of Anaheim. But once again the weather was perfect, the Lego amazing and the rides varying levels of thrill and fun. The boys did a 45 min robotics class and the mini America especially las Vegas is amazing.
We drove home through an amazing sunset, got stopped with the rest of the freeway by border police for a car by car check and went out to a nice restaurant for our last dinner of the holidays.
It was a really nice day.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

DisneyLand Day 1

Today we went to Disney Land which is a whole 3 mins walk from our motel. We were planning to go to Legoland first, but fortunately found out last night that it is closed on Wednesdays, so we changed the order of what we are doing. We will go to Legoland tomorrow instead.
Disney is what it is renowned to be, but it was lots of fun. The queues were not very long, 20mins was the longest wait we had for anything. Marc and I went on everything, Ryan on almost everything and Luc on a few less rides. My stomach was queasy early on in the day, but I think I toughened up by the 3rd or 4th roller coaster type ride. In all we managed 16 big rides in the day. We have tickets to go back on Friday (or any day really) and have ideas about what we want to do again. Both the big water rides were closed. We are hoping they are only closed for the day, not for the winter. It is so warm here. It was a beautiful 24 degrees and sunny all day, not too hot, but warm enough for t-shirts all day. It was a really fun family day. We are heading back tonight for a show called world of colour.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Shopping in LA

Today we started very early catching a 7:20 flight to LA via St Louis. The flight was uneventful after we all got seats (for some reason all the guys got allocated seats but I didn't and would have to wait to see if one became available.) not only did I end up getting a seat but she also managed to move us all together and on the row with mega leg room.
In LA we picked up our car and drove to our motel which is at Disneyland basically. We then went mall shopping. I bought lots of clothes as did Ryan. Marc and Luc got some too. Quite a family experience. We even had to go back to collect some free pokemon available through a store wireless point. Very happy boys.
We had dinner at a pancake place. Marc noted we were on a downward spiral on the food sophistication front. We are all pretty tired since it feels like 11pm now. Heading across the road to Disney land tomorrow.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Last day in DC

Today we rented a car and drove to the other smithsonian air and space museum in Virginia. This is basically a huge hanger with lots of planes hanging in it including a concord, a blackbird and a space shuttle (actually the Enterprise that only flew in the atmosphere) as well as the plane that dropped the a-bomb and many many more. It was kind of cool but we needed Brad to embellish the tour.
Then we went to Georgetown tomhave lunch and have a look around. Most of the embassies are there as well as the oldest house in DC. We also drove past the Australian embassy. We went home to do washing and pack for tomorrows very early plane to LA. We went back to a restaurant from Friday night to try their food again, i have packed all the bags and we will be up tomorrow at 5am to catch our last holiday plane before we head home.
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Another Day in Washington

Today we started by going to the spy museum. It was really interesting. The boys did an extra hour doing a spy challenge, but you will have to see their blogs to find out what it was like. They seemed to like it. The rest of the museum was full of artefacts that had been used during the ages for espionage as well as information on how they work, what they changed and how spying has changed. Very interesting.
After that we found lunch. There was a local ice-hockey game about to start so the area was flooded with Capitols fans. We then went and walked to the Capitol. It is an impressive building. We walked all the way around. One of the police officers told us that the figure at the top is a fictional character called Lady Freedom who is looking East where the pioneers came from. The visitors centre was closed on Sundays.
After this we walked to the Sky and Space museum and we split up there. Ryan wanted to go back to one of the interactive rooms about the physics of flight, where he didn't feel like he got enough time yesterday. Marc and Luc went to see a movie cause they wanted to. Ryan and I enjoyed an hour or so at the museum and then walked to the Freer museum where I wanted to see the Peacock Room which was created from a feud between the artist and owner. It was golden and dramatic. The history was probably more interesting than the actual art.
Then we walked home, crisp, but not cold enough to put our warm jackets on, and we relaxed waiting for the others to come home. We had had a really big lunch and a milkshake, so we didn't feel like dinner. We went downstairs and shared a soup and a kids meal fish and chips and that was too much!
Tomorrow we are renting a car to go to Georgetown and to the other Sky and Space museum. Should be fun.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 2 in Washington

Today we started by walking past The white house and all the way to the Lincoln memorial. It was a lovely day for walking, clear and crisp and it was quite a long walk. We passed the wall of Vietnam casualties and the korean memorial as well as a lovely frozen lake and the reflection pool. The ground was covered in snow enough for the boys to really enjoy themselves. We walked all the way back to the air and space museum.
This was interesting. I found the space side a lot more interesting than the air Side but they certainly have lots of Aircraft. Most of what they have are actual aircraft, not models. We spent the whole afternoon there, coming home at dusk on very weary feet. According to marc's pedometer we walked over 16000 steps, but we also stood around looking at things so it was a full day. We are heading out to dinner now, about a 10 min walk away. I think we can all make it.

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