Friday, January 7, 2011

Roaming round Rome

Today we started out close to our convent by walking to the colosseum and buying an audio guide each which was really worth it otherwise as luc puts it it is just a pile of crumbling rocks. I find this sort of walking history really interesting and I loved the colosseum and then the forum and paletine hill which we also got audio guides for, fascinating. In Latin these places were thriving centers of activity. This ramble through the ruins took the whole morning so we decided to catch a taxi to the pantheon and find some lunch. Taxis are not expensive here and our cab driver was very informative as we drove past interesting places.
We found some sandwiches and ate them in front of the pantheon. Inside was not extremely exciting but the dome is incredible. Then we walked to the Trevi fountain and then to the Spanish steps which Ryan and I climbed up and down. There are still lots of people drawing portraits here.
After this we wandered down the river enjoying the bridges and looking across at interesting sites such as st Angelo's castle which we will climb tomorrow after the Vatican. Then we went to the circo massimus and the wandered up the hill past the forum, colosseum and back to the convent which we discovered has a lovely garden inside the walls. Nice break from the streets of Rome.

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Alan said...

Sounds like you won't have time for another dinner, but a real experience is Ristorante Da Meo Patacca, Piazza de Mercanti 30, Trastevere.
Not for those on a diet - it serves an amazing variety of dishes based on suckling pig.