Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Off to Spain

This morning we woke to a wet miserable day in Carcassonne but we were in Carcassonne so can't really complain! We went walking anyway and it was fantastic. We explored ramparts and walked around walls and through the castle and the cathedral with amazing stain glass windows. It is a very touristy town fully restored and set up for tourists, but it is still lovely. We watched an interesting documentary about the different stages of the town and how it changed over time from a roman fortification to a border fort to a tourist attraction. Very interesting. We had a lovely lunch there and when we finished the sun came out so we went for more of an explore in the nice weather.
After we had enjoyed the castle (legolas and aragorn were running around looking a lot like Marc and Ryan!) we got in the car and headed for Spain. It was not raining anymore, the roads are fantastic and the views of the Pyrenees were excellent. We arrived in Barcelona between 5 and 6 pm and are staying in a lovely hotel overlooking water. Very swish. Tonight we went out for a walk to find dinner and a general wander. I even bought a purse! I don't do that sort of thing!
Looking forward to a day of sight seeing tomorrow then off to the US the next morning.
I am getting the hang of this driving on the wrong side thing. Shopping carparks aren't much fun though.

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