Monday, January 17, 2011

Another Day in Washington

Today we started by going to the spy museum. It was really interesting. The boys did an extra hour doing a spy challenge, but you will have to see their blogs to find out what it was like. They seemed to like it. The rest of the museum was full of artefacts that had been used during the ages for espionage as well as information on how they work, what they changed and how spying has changed. Very interesting.
After that we found lunch. There was a local ice-hockey game about to start so the area was flooded with Capitols fans. We then went and walked to the Capitol. It is an impressive building. We walked all the way around. One of the police officers told us that the figure at the top is a fictional character called Lady Freedom who is looking East where the pioneers came from. The visitors centre was closed on Sundays.
After this we walked to the Sky and Space museum and we split up there. Ryan wanted to go back to one of the interactive rooms about the physics of flight, where he didn't feel like he got enough time yesterday. Marc and Luc went to see a movie cause they wanted to. Ryan and I enjoyed an hour or so at the museum and then walked to the Freer museum where I wanted to see the Peacock Room which was created from a feud between the artist and owner. It was golden and dramatic. The history was probably more interesting than the actual art.
Then we walked home, crisp, but not cold enough to put our warm jackets on, and we relaxed waiting for the others to come home. We had had a really big lunch and a milkshake, so we didn't feel like dinner. We went downstairs and shared a soup and a kids meal fish and chips and that was too much!
Tomorrow we are renting a car to go to Georgetown and to the other Sky and Space museum. Should be fun.

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