Monday, January 10, 2011

Nice to Carcasonne

Well today I learnt to drive on the other side of the road in crazy Nice where people seem to think they can park anywhere they like and who knows what is coming at you, but to get to the end first, we made it to Carcassone, driving at 130km/hr on the wrong side of the road on the wrong side of the car!
It was a horrible day in Nice, raining and thunderstormy, but it was the only one we had, so we went for a walk anyway all around the water front and round to the port, up the hill near the castle and then onto a very welcome Pizza place recommended to us by Marie-France (followed up by the Gelateria she also told us about!)
Nice is a lovely town (we ran into 2 teachers from Sydney at dinner last night by the way). Walking along the seaside, even in the rain, is beautiful. The boys ran along the beach and skipped stones into the Mediterranean which they really enjoyed.
At about 2 we picked up our car, went back to the Hotel to pick up our bags and the adventure started. We first went to find Luc's old home in Nice. It is a secure set of units, so we couldn't go inside, but it was nice to see where he had lived. Then we set off for Carcassone.
The roads are very well labelled and it was 462km but much of it was at 130km/h so it only took 4hrs 15mins. We had already bought bread, cheese, salami etc so we stopped at a rest point (inside at a table) to have our dinner and then continued on our way. We were there by 9pm checked in. It is a lovely room. As I type this I am looking out the window at the walls of Carcassone old town only 5 mins walk away. We will explore tomorrow and then drive 300km to Barcelona.
I love French roads, and French traffic, everyone stayed right and it just flowed. The slow parts were at 110km/h!

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