Tuesday, January 4, 2011

From Venice to Florence

Today we packed up and went to get breakfast locally. On the way back we walked through the original Ghetto. It was a very defined area. It was obviously the jewish quarter and there is a long history of this being a jewish refuge. The walls were high and there were only a few ways in and out. It felt like it was full of history.

Then we went back to the monastery to see if we could check out. We hadn't paid and we hadn't seen anyone the whole time we stayed there so we were not sure what we were going to do. However a lady doing the washing yelled out and a man appeared to take our money. He had a handwritten receipt ready for our deposit and slowly worked through writing us another one for the rest of the Payment when another lady arrived and pointed out that he had written 2010 by mistake. Apparently this was not correctable so she wrote out a whole new receipt! No computers here!

Anyway after that we hopped on a ferry and went to the academia to see some Tintoretto and titian art. There were other venetian artists there, too. Luc went into another church to see more then we all went into a temporary exhibition that was people's models of da vinci's inventions. It was a hands on exhibition and all the explanations were available in english so the boys really enjoyed it.
After this we wandered around, letting the boys take turns to take us somewhere, stopping for a slice of pizza here and a meringue there. It was a lovely way to spend our last couple of hours in Venice. Hope you are ready to see lots of photos.
Our last stop was the church attached to the monastery we stayed at which had more Tintoretto and even his tomb. He worked there for about 30 years.
We then caught the ferry to the train station and I am blogging from the train to Florence. We don't arrive until 6:30 so we will start exploring tomorrow.

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