Thursday, January 6, 2011

The academy, Pisa and off to Rome

This morning we packed our bags and left them at the hotel and went off to the Academia. Here we saw Michael Angelo's sculptures including the David as well as a lot of other people's work. There was also a very interesting musical instruments section. A lady was playing one of the Old pianos and there was a fantastic big copper bowl filled with water. You had to wet your hands and slowly rub the large handles. This caused a vibration which made a very loud noise indeed! Ryan and Marc liked that! We were then a little stuck with what to do. We had reached the boys' museum saturation point but it was only 9:30 in the morning so we made a snap decision to walk to the station and go to Pisa. We were catching a 5:10 train to Rome so we had plenty of time.
Pisa was a great idea. It was fun climbing the tower again after so many years. It was smaller than I remember but then I was only 8 then, so not surprising. The view is great and the boys enjoyed it. We noticed how worn the steps were and Ryan had fun as only Ryan can making sure he was carving his own path up and down, not steeping on the worn bits!
After Pisa we came back, bought some gelato (I think it is Marc's goal to try every flavor Italy has to offer) got our bags and walked to the station arriving just as it started to rain. Good timing. Now I am on the train to Rome. Internet was not good in Florence so there might be a bunch of blogs posted together when we get a good connection.

Late addition. We are now in our convent which is spacious and lovely. We went for a walk around the colosseum when we arrived. Pretty amazing day really. Marc had his obligatory gelato and the we came back to the room for some bread and salami and tomato.

Hope you are all well. Epiphany was quite important here. There was a big parade in Florence and in Rome it is the start of the post Christmas sales!

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