Friday, December 24, 2010

Transport Day

This entry is for you, Thomas. Today we went on lots of different types of transport. We caught a local subway train to Tokyo station then we got on a bullet train. Not the fastest but it took us 90km in 36 mins. Then we changed to a local train or 2, then on to a cable car up the very steep mountain. We then swapped to what they call a sky-rope which we would call a gondola. We had to change half way over the mountain. Then we were at a lake so we caught a boat, but not any old boat, it looked like a pirate ship, only it was motorized, sails furled. After that we walked for 2 km then hopped on a bus back to the local train station, and as I am writing this we are on the bullet train again taking us back to Tokyo. You would have loved it!

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