Thursday, December 23, 2010

Kyoto back to Tokyo

Today we decided to go and view some gardens in temples, especially looking for raked rock gardens. They are very beautiful and peaceful. I admire the stones, but more impressive from my point of view, are the moss covered grounds. The ground is free of undergrowth and looks from a distance like a manicured lawn, but when you arrive, it is bright green lush moss. The rocks are a stark contrast. This is all set around traditional buildings, which in this case, were working temples. They are old, full of interesting painted screen walls and tatami floors.
After this we made our way to the Shinkansen - the bullet train, to come back to Tokyo. This time we are staying in Ueno - the north-east Tokyo. It is very different from Shibuya and Marc is not impressed with the neighbourhood. It is certainly interesting nightlife. However, the futons are comfortable and there is plenty to see. Ueno park is just around the corner, so we are looking forward to seeing that in daylight tomorrow. We went out to a Shabu Shabu restaurant tonight. Another very Japanese experience. You are served a plate of raw meat and greens and there is a boiling broth in front of you. You then cook what you want to eat in the broth and add sauces and eat, then cook some more etc. Everyone had fun.

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