Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Another day in Paris

It sounds so blasé! This morning we left early for the musee d'orssay which has a lot of sculptures and 19th century art. Leaving early was good. We had bought tickets already at FNAC and we were first in line, which we realized was a good thing when we emerged a couple of hours later to see the queues going around the corner. I have a new favourite artist, since most of the Monet was somewhere else for an exhibition, i discovered Pissaro. Some amazing impressionist paintings, better than his poitism work. We then walked to Saint Chapelle where we did have to line up for quite some time, but it was worth it. The windows are spectacular. Then we thought about Notre Dame but the queues were too long, another day, and we went to the catacombs but the queues were so long we were told that no-one else was allowed to join the queue for the day so we came home and spent the evening with Jean-Louis and Marie-France and the went out with them to a very nice Italian restaurant for dinner. It was a nice end to a fairly grey, but not freezing day. Tomorrow we are heading off early for the Louvre. Need to plan what we are prepared to line up for and what we need to turn up early for. There are more queues than we expected.

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