Monday, December 27, 2010

Arc de Triumph and Eifel Tower

This morning we woke to a classic French breakfast, which had Ryan very happy. Baguette and Croissant with hot chocolate and orange juice all found downstairs in our hotel breakfast room. We then investigated laundry options and put on a load at the local laundromat and while we were waiting for it to dry decided to climb the Arc de Triumph. The view from the top is worth the 250+ stairs. It was amazing. We then met Jean-Louis (Luc's father) who took us back to their flat for a lovely lunch and time together. The boys got given their first french knife. Not sure what I think of that, but I know it is a really important part of Luc's life. The afternoon looked like nice weather so we headed over to the Eifel Tower, but so did the rest of France so we didn't feel like waiting for 90mins in a queue. We will buy reserved climb tickets and go back another day. We enjoyed the views, the snow and the Maritime Museum instead. Now we are home, still struggling a bit with jet-lag, but having to wait until after 7 to find places to eat dinner. It is very cold, but it is great fun being in Paris.

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